Latest Code from SVN
Just browse svn Tarballs
External Packages
(Where you won't have to compile)

Latest Code from SVN

You can allways get the bleeding-edge fresh new experimental code from svn.
Most Linux distributions install svn by default, every brings it on disc or via online update.
You can also obtain it from (especially if you use Windows).

Getting the code is easy.


A snapshot of the current svn revision can be downloaded as tarball.

How to compile
Download the tarball, open a terminal (konsole) and navigate to the directory where you downloaded the tarball, e.g.:

cd ~/downloads
Next, untar the tarball (x.y.z are just placeholders...)
tar -xjf bespin-x.y.z.tar.bz2
Enter the just created bespin directory
cd cloudcity


The configure script can detect a valid Qt4/KDE4 environment.
If your system lacks such, there will be error reports.
In case you can pass the Qt4 and KDE4 paths (along some other options, try)
./configure help

If anything went right, you can start compilation


No compile errors? Install the libraries / config dialog

make install
NOTICE: You need proper rights on the QT4 / KDE4 paths to perform this
If it fails, try
sudo make install
(You'll need your administrator password here)

External Packages

Well, non... yet."